Why is using the body in coaching effective?

Using the body in coaching can be more effective for many reasons:

*Including that unlike Fred here
we aren't dead!

which means we are alive in our body, living, breathing and moving

so it makes sense to use it - wisely!

Using the body in coaching is effective...


Embodied Learning

When we physically engage in activities or movements, we activate different parts of our brain associated with memory, learning, and emotional processing.

Using the body engages multiple senses

making it more likely for people to retain and integrate new information.


Enhanced Awareness

Movement and physical sensations can heighten awareness of thoughts, emotions, and patterns.

Integration of Mind and Body

Coaching that incorporates the body
acknowledges the interconnectedness of mind and body.


Many issues that clients bring to coaching are not just mind or brain based

they also have physical manifestations. They affect how we feel physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Vidyadasa yoga self care

Addressing aspects of body and mind holistically

including self-care of body and mind can lead to deeper understanding and more sustainable change.

daniele-la-rosa-messina-d5tTSSLiC3w-unsplash copy

It can help you to say NO

to things you don't want!

(No to bad boundaries, being a push over etc)


It can help you to say YES

to things you do want!
( joy, fun, relationships, opportunities, money etc)

Experiential Learning

Engaging in physical activities or exercises allows clients to directly experience concepts or principles being explored in coaching sessions.


This hands-on approach can lead to more profound insights

and a deeper understanding of how to apply learning in real-life situations.

So, thats why!

Using the body in coaching

can be more effective

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