Embodied Toolkit online class – with Vidyadasa

Explore postures, movement and stillness in an embodied, psychological way to create insights and change

Inspire your week with positive qualities for everyday living. Use a series of carefully designed postures in a deep, embodied, psychological way to create insights and practice building your character. Develop new habits, and create the changes you wish for in your life.

If you want to learn and improve life skills through a safe, effective and fun method, and use embodiment in your self-development and personal growth journey then this class is for you!

The Embodiment Toolkit works with the body, not against it, and is a great way to slowly chip away at those blocks that stop you from living your life the way YOU want it!

In this class you’ll learn life skills on the yoga mat and how to integrate them into your daily life.

vidyadasa yoga being seen taking up space

Mondays 1pm UK

30 minute class. (1.00-1.30pm uk)

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Magician to envisage what you want to create & Entering & Centring to move towards it with Care

Care, Self care, Yes & Enthusiasm

Exploring vertical axis - UP n Down and whats needed...now

Holiday/Rest pose and evaluation

Choosing to be specific on what you focus on with Care > Entering > Care

Calm focusing/centring > Care > Taking up space > Yes/Opening > Transcendence > Entering > Enthusiasm > Receiving > Being

Transcendence, Taking up space, Yes, Inner

Earth & Support pose, then into pushing Yang, then Yin meditation >>>

Selection of clear focus and adding a quality

Exploring 'starting' with our own will or in. a 'flow', care for self with focus, or breadth,

Bringing a quality from the past to support you in the present

Exploring boundaries in relationship to ourself and what we need support for; receiving & giving

Evaluation, Aesthetic appreciation, Inspiration, Archer Warrior

Exploring 4 elements