Yoga, meditation and mindful embodiment

Yoga, meditation and mindful embodiment


in a mindful embodied way

Regular yoga classes, workshops and online training with an explorative experiential blend of mindfulness, hatha yoga and embodied yoga inquiries.


Move beyond yoga for exercise, practice yoga to create different ways of being.
Enjoy yourself, on your yoga mat, and in your life...

Hello, I'm Vidyadasa.I enjoy teaching Yoga and mindfulness based practices which create a deeper sense of body and mind, they can bring clarity of feeling, perception and awareness into your life.

The practice we do on our yoga mats can have a significant effect in the rest of our lives.

I have taught regular yoga classes, workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally since 2006. I began practicing as a teenager whilst stressed out with exams and needed to find some peace...thankfully I found inspiring yoga and meditation practices, which I love sharing.

I trained as an Embodied Yoga Principles teacher with Mark Walsh, and was by his side as he developed the system into the incredible system it is today. I teach on EYP Teacher Trainings, in person, and helped develope the online teacher training

I work with groups and individuals to help embody new ways of being.

I am also a web designer, and an author of a book for dads: Mindful Thoughts for Fathers.

Mindful thoughts for fathers

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Weekly yoga classes

Vidyadasa’s classes generally start with a short bodyscan awareness practice, followed by a sequence of simple yoga postures. He actively encourages participants to do just what they feel able to do - to modify the postures to suit how they and their bodies are feeling that day.

Friday mornings

You may LOVE these classes if you

  • want to enjoy your yoga practice
  • want to practice in a meditative way
  • want practical ways to psychologically enrich your yoga practice
  • want to learn from someone who has been practicing for a long time (check my grey hairs 🙂
  • want to learn some yogi embodiment tips

You may NEED these classes if you

  • are stressed from work or study and want to 'chill'
  • have kids and you need some 'me-time'
  • need to move your body in a mindful way
  • are tired of 'gym yoga' and want something deeper
  • love your body and want to give it some self care

Please note: These classes can go quite deep in terms of creating deeper awareness of body-mind which can reveal underlying patterns, which can be mentally and emotionally intense, so these may not be suitable for you if currently feeling vulnerable.

Whilst I love kids, and pregnant women, and people with active mental health issues, these classes are not suitable for the aforementioned, sorry! I may be able to recommend you towards suitable teachers if you email me.

Booking information and notifications

These classes are held online and use the easy to use Zoom secure video software. Book a class by clicking on the date.

You can pay a concessionary rate by typing one of the following codes during booking: £2off / £4off / £6off / £8off.

You will be sent an email and SMS text link (if you enter your phone number) to the class with a Zoom call link after your payment has been received. You can save the date in your online calendar.

You will be sent an email with a Zoom call link after your payment has been received.

Please book at least 15/30 minutes in advance (preferably 24hrs in advance though please) to give the system time to process your order, for you to receive emails and gain access to the Zoom call and be ready to start on time. I do not allow people access to classes after the class has started as it's not fair on other people for me to have to repeat the health and safety introduction etc. I will however send you a video recording of the class.

If you are unable to attend the booked class I can either refund you, send you a recording, or you can attend another class.

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Annual pass! 1 year of yoga classes

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1 year of Vidyadasa’s Friday yoga and meditation classes at a super reduced rate!
(At least 45 classes a year – allowing for holidays and illness).


– 1 FREE one-to-one yoga session with Vidyadasa, where you can explore any aspect of your practice (currently online, but in Covid safe times can be in–person).
– Reduced-price access to any self-hosted online events, online retreats.



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